Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy returns

Today as I was looking around the garden, missing my cousins who went back home after a week's visit, I noticed the monkshood, almost ready to open. It grows under a lilac, and when it gets very tall, I wind it around the branches for support. I thought about how I enjoyed this plant last year, and how I am looking forward to those beautiful purple blooms again. I count on seeing those old flower friends just as I count on seeing my dearly loved cousins (almost) every year. I am always sad when they leave, but then I begin to think about the following summer when they will return. It all feels like a miracle, a wonder of life to me. That, God willing, the cousins and the flowers keep coming back, bringing much joy and pleasure to my life.


  1. Nan, It sounds as if the monkshood and the cousins visiting have become an interwoven part of the season for you. I love that idea.

  2. The plant won't blossom for a bit, yet. The cousins usually come and go before we get the monkshood blooms. I was just struck by the notion of looking forward to blooms and cousins each year. Guess I wasn't so clear.:<)

  3. Maybe I should have said,
    "loosely interwoven." lol! I still like the sequence of events. I like things that one can count on every summer. Or things one looks forward to every year in the fall. That kind of thing.

  4. How lucky you are that your cousins are able to visit so regularly. Rod & I enjoy the company of my North Carolina cousins, but our visits are too far and few between.


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