Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday morning

A glimpse out the kitchen door
Black dogs coming through the gate
Our vegetable garden is on the site where the old coal shed was
Leeks, onions, yellow beans
Tom weeding the garden as the dogs watch
While I walk around in my jammies taking pictures


  1. What wonderful garden dogs! I wish I had a few of your snakes for my garden, as they love slugs and with our damp climate the slugs are prolific! I also want your sunshine to come with the snakes!

  2. I love the garden pictures. I can smell the leeks. I smile thinking of Tom hard at work and you in your jammies!

  3. I'm so glad Tom has 2 great supervisors to keep him busy! LOL Love the jammies-clad photographer's shoes!

  4. What good pups to stay out of the vegetable patch! Lovely photo essay of your morning. I enjoyed the view. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your mornin' with us!
    Your veggie garden looks so good!!

  6. Nan,
    These are the best pictures. The lawns and gardens this time of year are just so green. The dogs seem perfectly content to survey the work. Love the snakes picture.

  7. The dogs have the right idea. Relax and watch on a lazy summer's day! I found the snakes alarming and that would have scared me. We never see snakes here.

  8. I love the fact that it's not raining. Enjoy the sun!

  9. What wonderful views! I'll pass on the snakes though. (ugh!) Thanks for all your lovely comments, Nan! ♥

  10. Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment! Yes, they are truly wonderful dogs, Peg. I could drop a few snakes by, if you'd like. :<)
    It is pretty funny, Janet that here he was out weeding and I was taking pictures. Hard at work for my blog. :<)
    Thanks, Grace! I was laughing as I took the picture. :<)
    Les, they are pretty good about not traipsing through. Thanks for your words.
    Early Bird, welcome to my blog. Thanks for coming by.
    Kat, everything is so green it makes my eyes feel good. Haven't we been lucky with just the right balance of sun and rain this year.
    So, Heidi, did St. Patrick drop over to Holland, too? :<)
    Kay, does all your rain cool things off?
    Lynda, it's so funny about snakes. People mostly don't like them but some really do. I've become a fan (sorta) at least of these safe, little garter snakes.


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