Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Book Report/The Library

I've kept a lot of the picture books my kids had when they were little, and just recently have been borrowing some newer ones from the library, and buying a few for myself. Just the other day, I bought a wonderful story by Sarah Stewart, illustrated by her husband, David Small. The drawings are a perfect complement to the words. I love this book and have read it over and over again. There is so much to see in all the pictures, and the story it tells is a joyful one.

We've recently set up a reading chair in the study, and it was just the spot to sit and read this book aloud, with the three windows open and a light breeze coming in.

The tale of Elizabeth Brown is told all in rhyme:

And isn't this the old age we readers dream of?


  1. What a sweet, sweet book. I see why you bought and reread it regularly! That's my kind of story book!

  2. What a lovely book. I've never heard of it, but I'm going to have to order it now.

  3. We have this book and I just love it and can relate completely.

  4. I can't believe it!!!! I have that book too!!!!!!! It is wonderful!

  5. OK, you sold me. I'll have to get it too.

  6. I'm so very delighted with all your comments. It is a wonderful, wonderful book. I thought about you, Tara, reading this with your daughter. It is such a great one to read out loud. For all of you, it is well worth the money. I paid $6.95 at my local bookstore. And Laura, I'm not a bit surprised you have it. :<) A kid at heart are you.

  7. I love the look of this book and the subject! Once again, you showed me a book I just have to order. :-) I always dreamed of being a librarian when I was a girl. I used to play library and my older sister used to help me set it up. I even got date stamps as Christmas presents so I could play for real. What fun memories!!!

  8. I've fondled this book many times as I've shelved it at work. Just may have to buy myself a copy.

    BTW, is that us in the final picture?? :)

  9. Well done, Nan. I love this book as well and reread it all the time. I hope to read it to my granddaughter when the time comes. :)

    1. I'm pleased you came back to read it. Really a lovely book. She wrote another called The Gardener which I also own. Illustrated again by David Small, her husband.


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