Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29th at the Farmer's Market

In the garden, we've got plenty of lettuce, the zucchini is coming along, and we're eating yellow beans and onions every day. Tom went in to the Farmer's Market this morning and picked up some yellow summer squash to hold us until ours is producing a little faster. He got scallions because our scallions have all grown into great big delicious onions. And he couldn't resist the red tomatoes, the first of the season in the area. Ours shouldn't be too much further behind.


  1. Nothing better than a couple slices of homemade bread, a bit of mayo and thick slices of farm fresh tomatoes! Yummmy!

    BTW, thanks for the Robert Parker article! :)

  2. Thankyou for visiting my blog - I only know them as lilies. I've enjoyed reading your posts and have just spent ages trying to work out how I can add 'current reading' etc etc to my blog like yours but can't seem to be able to. Any help would be appreciated!

  3. Lovely, lovely photograph. I know the local farmer's market here was so popular that there was virtually no one in our local grocery store. (It's a chain with really rather indifferent produce.)


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