Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today's picture/Raspberries

Our own raspberries!


  1. These look divine! A friend of ours also has raspberries and we were treated last night to a wonderful pie.

  2. Lucky, lucky you! I haven't had a raspberry pie in years and years. A local baker used to make them and we would buy a dozen for the freezer. Such a treat.

  3. If I were to choose my favorite shade of red, I would choose, "raspberry." I was thinking the other day, I've never tasted (or heard of) raspberry ice cream.

  4. Oh, you lucky duck! These are my favorite. I was lucky, though, and got to pick some blackberries straight from a bush a couple of days ago. Posted pics on my blog. :)

    Back to boat life now....

  5. My mother used to make the most wonderful raspberry pie. It is totally and utterly devine with cream or ice cream or custard. These look simply gorgeous


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