Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A hot summer night

In front of the fan, (not) watching the ballgame.


  1. Speaking of games, aren't you going to Fenway the day after tomorrow? :)

  2. I'm envious! I want to go to a baseball game. *pout* My mother was asking me just the other day if hubby and I planned to go to any soon, and was shocked when I said no. There's still time though so who knows.

    Wonderful photo! I love seeing other people's animals. :-) This weekend I was hot as can be sitting inside the house, but my two furkids were stretched out in sun spots in the sunroom all afternoon . . . Go figure.

  3. Oh, thank you! Ben and Sadie were just so cute, I couldn't resist. This is their favorite part of the day - when we settle in the living room to watch movies or tv. They wrestle and play a while and then go to sleep. What baseball team do you follow?

  4. I am with the dogs, not being a baseball fan. Enjoy the day at Fenway, and I will chill out while you are gone!

  5. I'm more of a casual baseball fan. I love going to the games, but I don't really follow a specific team. I was raised on the Giants and A's and so they will always have a special place in my heart. I've lived in Southern California now for so long though that the Dodgers and Angels have grown on me. We go to Dodgers games now and then. We also sometimes make it out to the minor league games.


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