Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today's poem - Connecting the Dots by Maxine Kumin

Connecting The Dots
by Maxine Kumin

I think Daddy
just dropped dead

(our son at five)
I’ll drive the car
and now they drive
us, living, the large

children home
a week at Christmas
ten days in August
posing for
the family snapshot
flanked by dogs.

We’re assayed kindly
to see if we’re
still competent
to keep house, mind
the calendar
connect the dots.

Well we’re still stack-
ing wood for winter
turning compost
climbing ladders
and they still love us
who overtake us

Who want what’s best
for us, who sound
(deep reservoirs
of patience) the way
we did, or like
to think we did.

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