Friday, July 27, 2007

Today's cd/In Spite Of Ourselves

John Prine/In Spite Of Ourselves/1999

The other evening, I stopped by Kat's blog, and listened to a song sung by John Prine and Dolores Keane, called In A Town This Size. I loved it, and went over to iTunes to hear more of the album. It was just wonderful and I bought it. This is a collection of duets with many women, including Iris Dement, Emmylou Harris, and Trisha Yearwood. The songs are spare and honest and real in that way only old country/western songs can be. Just the facts, with the emotion coming through in the words and voices. Some were familiar, some not. He and Iris Dement cover that great song, We're Not The Jet Set, originally sung by George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

No, We're not the jet set
We're the old Chevro-let set
Our steak and martinis
Is draft beer with weenies
Our Bach and Tchaikovsky
Is Haggard and Husky
No, we're not the jet set
We're the old Chevro-let set
But ain't we got love

And the Everly Brothers, So Sad:

We used to have good times together
But now I feel them slip away
It makes me cry to see love die
So sad to watch good love go bad

I just love this stuff. Let me hear a steel guitar, and I stop in my tracks. All the voices, all the songs make this a new favorite album for both of us. Yesterday I heard Tom in the kitchen playing it over and over. Some might not care for Prine's voice, but I still love it, just as I love Kris Kristofferson's. Sometimes those gravelly voices just hit the spot.

John Prine is one of those artists that has been on the soundtrack of my grown-up life. He is a storyteller, and those people he sings about become real in the listener's mind. These aren't his songs, but are stories just the same. The small town where everyone knows what's going on:

What you do and what you think
What you eat and what you drink
If you smoke a cigarette
They'll be talkin' about your breath

There are love songs and cheatin' songs and that small town song. I can't recommend it highly enough.


  1. I will most definitely have to check this out! Sounds right up my alley!!! I have received so many wonderful and magical music suggestions from you!!!!

  2. What a nice, nice thing to say, dear Laura. I'm quite sure you would like this.

  3. I haven't listened to much country but your post has me curious. I'll visit iTunes to have a listen. I do like folk music and Jerry Douglas on the dobro is one of my favorite musicians.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful album, Nan! My favorite of John Prine's is "Hello In There."

    Hey, did you know Kris has a new movie? It's called Disappearances. Haven't seen it yet, but there was a screening with the director here this weekend.

  5. Hi Nan - so nice to see you discover this great CD. I saw John Prine with Iris when this CD first came out in 1999. They are both favorites of mine and this CD is just delightful. The title song is worth the price of the entire CD! I saw Prine most recently just a few months ago and will be seeing Iris again In October. Have you heard her CDs? I recommend any of her first three. My favorite Prine song is Sam Stone. I cry each time I hear it.


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