Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Today's picture/Fledgling Robin


  1. How sweet. Hope it's OK there on the ground.

  2. How wonderful that you were able to capture this little one. Our cardinals have been working with their little ones in the backyard for the last couple of days. Lady Bird sits on one branch, Himself on another, urging the little ones from the nest--and so much chirping!! Given the ever creeping sprawl of building here, I wonder how long we will have to enjoy this rite of spring.

  3. I hope so, too, Kay. It was right in our parking area when I took the photo. Then I patted it, hoping it would move along and it did- into the rose bushes along the fence. I put the garden cart in front to keep cars from getting close, and I later heard the parents there so I'm hoping it will be in the air soon.
    Marcia, I just read an article about how many of the more common birds, like evening grosbeaks, are disappearing because of habitat loss. What are we doing to the natural world?
    Laura, it sure is!

  4. Isn't he adorable! ♥

  5. Yes, Lynda. Yesterday we saw him around and he was moving much faster. We got to see a wonderful sight when his mom brought him a worm. Delightful.


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