Monday, July 23, 2007

You Go To My Head

A few months ago, when I blogged about Stacey Kent for days and days, I included the following:

The song playing is the Haven Gillespie/J. Fred Coots song, You Go To My Head, which has one of the best lyrics ever:

You go to my head
with a smile that makes my temperature rise
like a summer with a thousand Julys
you intoxicate my soul with your eyes

I just love that, "a thousand Julys." What is better than July? The middle of summer, the peak of the flowers, no August, no fall in sight. Pure bliss. I do love all the seasons, but there is something about July that is very special.

Well, I just had to offer You Go To My Head again while we are still in July. It is such a beautiful love song. I hope you have a couple minutes to listen and let it find its way into your heart.


  1. It is beautiful! What CD is it on?
    We are so thankful for your introduction to Stacey Kent. We have one CD and this is not on it!
    You made my husband and me smile today!

    in Charlotte

  2. Bonnie, it is on the Close Your Eyes cd. Thanks so much for your nice words. I clicked on your name but there was no blog listed.

  3. I'm blogless ~~ My friends want me to BUT I'm a letter writer! My 10 year old daughter LOVES Stacey Kent. All due to your blog!
    Feel blessed!Thank YOU!


    do you know the book Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Anne Hoberman?

  4. I've always loved this song. We have it on a Linda Ronstadt (sp?) album (with the Nelson Riddle band). Lovely.


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