Sunday, July 15, 2007

What's in bloom/July 15th

I can't believe a month has passed since the June 15th Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. As you'll see from the photos, this morning was rainy. But I trudged out in my jammies and Tevas, braving the rain for the sake of blog art.

Orange Daylily, the star of the mid-July show in my garden
Red Daylily
Tree Mallow
Snapdragons, one of four different colors
White Mallow
The unstoppable Spiderwort (remember wirt, not wart!)
Mallow (can you tell I love Mallow?!)
Globe Thistle
The yellow beans have flowered!
The Rosa Rugosas are gorgeous. Some rosehips have formed, but there are still lots and lots of flowers
Still a few tree roses blooming
Bright Lights Cosmos, grown from seeds which Shelley very kindly sent to me
Antique color Pansy


  1. Your flowers look beautiful in the rain. I sure wish I could have taken pictures in the rain this month!

    Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  2. Thanks, Carol. We've had lots of rain, but not too much. I look forward to the Bloom Day each month. It'll be interesting to see what's still around come August 15. I love the great response you get! I've just finished My Summer in a Garden and hope to do my "book report" tomorrow.

  3. The flowers look beautiful with the raindrops clinging to them. I have never seen nor grown milkweed - is it from seed? I grow Alchimella Mollis (?sp) just for the raindrops, oh yes, but I do use the chartreuse flowers for fillers in bouquets!
    It was so hot here this week that my pansies are suffering. I think I will cut them back a bit and put them in a shadier area for the next month or so - pansies bloom here in winter!
    Thanks for the flower pics.

  4. Send the rain our way! Lovely photos, it is such fun to see what is in bloom in other's gardens.

  5. I never knew that mallow could be so beautiful. Great pictures!

  6. Gorgeous photos with the rain accenting them. Thanks, I enjoyed looking at them.

  7. Love the antique pansy. Love all the flowers. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Milkweed and Mallow very pretty! Rugosa roses are very pretty too. Thanks for the pics of your blooms, I've enjoyed them.

    My blooms post is up too.

  9. I am a big fan of that antique pansy as well. And I love taking pictures of flowers with rain on them, I think it adds dimension to the photos. Your garden is beautiful.

  10. What a lovely post! Your place must be absolutely beautiful with all these flowers. Thanks for sharing them!

  11. You too love Old Roses! My husband loves them and has planted quite a few. We both love them, of course. I have some pics, in my blogs.


  12. Peg, milkweed is probably considered a weed, but I happen to love it. We have a whole section in a field but a little has appeared in the midst of a flower garden and I welcome it. This is the plant the Monarch Butterfly caterpillars eat before turning into butterflies. When the kids were little, we brought in some leaves and a caterpillar, put them in a jar, and actually witnessed the transformation. What a wonder!
    And you have pansies in winter!! I can't imagine. They aren't even perennials here. I buy a flat of these antique color ones each spring.

    Thanks Kay and Robin. I do so love flowers.

    And a thank you to all the new visitors, who are part of the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, for taking the time to comment. I'll be coming over to see your flowers soon.

  13. Hello Nan, I have found your blog and don’t want to dive in willy-nilly so I am starting at the very beginning and working my way through the you can see I have only just begun. It’s taking a time as I am making notes etc on books, recipes and your lovely home. I had to write this time after seeing the pic of the snapdragons- I haven’t seen them for many years and they bought back so many memories so thank you. I so look forward to reading the many more years......btw I am from the Garden of England - Kent.


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