Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picking raspberries

Other than reading, the adult activity which most links me with my childhood is picking raspberries. Our house in town had a "banking" out back which was full of the delicious berries, all waiting for me to pick. Not many made it back into the house in those days. I have a little more willpower now, maybe because of the new chocolate-whipped cream treat I've discovered this summer. I posted the photo of our first raspberries eleven days ago, and they're still coming. We went out this morning and had a little help from Bracelet the goat.

Today's bounty


  1. Nan,
    Those raspberries look scrumptious, and I would find it difficult to put them into the bucket.

    I love the goat!

  2. They WERE scrumptious, Kat. All gone. We had them for lunch with the cocoa whipped cream stuff and we were full for hours.

    Ah, yes, the goat. I have a blog entry coming up about Miss Bracelet and Miss Esther. Stay tuned. :<)

  3. Oh my gosh! I love raspberries and these look so good! They are not doing well here as we have too much rain. We have our fingers crossed that the fall crop will be better so we can pick those. I think the photo of Bracelet is just too precious. :-) How did 'she' get her name?


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