Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Winter

On this first full day of winter, I have a rhyme going through my head.

Happy Winter, rise and shine,
I love the early morning time,

It comes from a book we got for our daughter on her first Christmas 24 years ago.

This is a little gem done completely in poetry, all about a mom and her two daughters as they live the winter days. The pictures in the house are wonderful, and so evocative of a happy, real life. Note the laundry basket on the kitchen floor while the mom is cooking breakfast.

We see views of outdoor life as well.

Outside - It's cold! Wind stings my nose!
Happy Winter, shout and laugh!
I'll be the first to stomp a path.

On another day, it's:

Happy Winter, time to bake
Some really yummy kind of cake,
So Mama flips through recipes
Just like she does for company
And reads them all - her favorite ones
Are Sunshine, Marble, Angel, Crumb,
But we pick Fudge, and no nuts, please -
Now tie on aprons, roll up sleeves.

Then, as in most children's picture books, there is the bedtime ritual.

Happy Winter, evening time
I like how little star-specks shine
Or blink and sparkle cheerfully-
They almost seem to wink at me.

And now switch on the bedside light
To shoo away the dark of night
We read until we yawn, and then

I so loved reading books to my children about contented, happy lives; stories that mirrored their own daily routines and joys.

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