Sunday, December 3, 2006

Today's Christmas cd/Raffi's Christmas Album

Raffi/Raffi's Christmas Album/1983

This was Tom's choice for today's cd. Now, I've got to say that this man, Raffi, was one of the most important presences in our child-rearing days. Hardly a day went by without playing his wonderful tapes for children. We loved the Christmas album so much that we bought it on cd, and it is an important part of our December music.

These are two of the songs he wrote for the album:

On Christmas Morning

Throughout the year
For Christmas morning
To be here.
How many days
Till Christmas morning
Drawing near.


On Christmas morning
I'll wake up bright and early
Be the first one out of bed
With the mistletoe 'bove my head.
On Christmas morning
We can sing and celebrate
And make the feeling stay
All through the day.

Under the tree
There's one from me to you
And you to me.
And friends are here
On the very best morning
of the year.

Every Little Wish

Every little wish
And every little dream
Has a chance of coming true at Christmas.
Every little song
Sung throughout the year
Has a chance of being heard at Christmas.
Every little prayer and every little hope
Is the joy of Christmas time.
All our loving hearts, beating all as one
Everybody fed, there's enough to go around
All our loving hearts, beating all as one
The joy of Christmas time.

Although he isn't recording children's music now, he is still doing very important work for children in the world . You may read more about him here:

An autobiography was published in 1999, which we own (but I haven't read yet).


  1. Nan,

    We have the Raffi Christmas CD in our collection too. Listening to it each December brings back memories of when my daughter's were little. We haven't listened to Raffi as much with the boys because our Video concerts have been lost in the shuffle of the years, but they have heard his cassettes in our car and his Christmas music each December. Great memories!

  2. I was just listening to this album this morning with my 2-year-old niece!

  3. I'm so pleased to know this new generation is also listening to Raffi. He is so wonderful.


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