Friday, December 1, 2006

Today's Christmas cd/December

George Winston/December

As I hear the first piano notes, I sigh, "ah, the Christmas season is really here."


  1. I always wait until December 1st to play this album and then I play in endlessly! It was the first George Winston music I'd ever heard (many years ago) and I am deeply moved by it each and every time. The Pachelbel piece that is now so familiar was unknown to me back in 1983. I heard it for the first time in an exercise class for pregnant women that I signed up for. We listened to it after the class, stretched out on the floor, lights off, and listening to the instructor help guide us through a relaxation/meditation exercise. Every time I hear it now, I think of that class and the birth of my daughter.

  2. I listened to this clip the first time tonight. I love the piece and this version brought tears to my eyes. Now I have another cd that I must find. I think this song will be my theme song for this winter. Thanks for sharing some great music.


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