Wednesday, December 6, 2006

"Holiday" movies

All good things come to those who wait! I've been waiting impatiently for both these movies to come out on dvd, and now they have. I've just ordered them and am so excited to watch them this Christmas season. They are my two favorite old movies. Holiday Inn is, of course, pure entertainment. Lots of singing by Bing, and dancing by Fred. The Inn is so beautiful, just like all those interiors of houses in such films as Christmas in Connecticut and Bringing Up Baby. Because we have seen it so often, we can quote passages and sing many of the songs. Holiday is a quite different kind of movie. Serious issues are broached, and as in real life, they aren't fully resolved. You know that the Lew Ayres character will never break away and will not stop drinking. I don't think Katharine Hepburn has ever been better, or Cary Grant more appealing. And the movie features my favorite on-screen married couple ever; Edward Everett Horton and Jean Dixon as the Potters are just wonderful. And I love their little apartment which suits them so well. Both these movies I can watch over and over again, and never, ever tire of them.

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