Sunday, December 17, 2006

Today's Christmas cd/A Charlie Brown Christmas

Vince Guaraldi Trio/A Charlie Brown Christmas/1988 (original recording,1965)

This was Tom's Sunday Christmas cd selection.

If I were pressed to choose only one album for the entire month of December, it would be this one. When it begins to play, I feel a sense of calm coming over me. I am filled with a warm nostalgia for past Christmases and a joy for the present one. If a person is feeling a little mid-December letdown from bustling around, this is the perfect antidote. It stops the listener in his tracks and reminds us of Charlie Brown's "true meaning of Christmas." The music is lovely beyond description.


  1. Did you see my post today (12/18)?? I haven't been here to see yours since our trip and had to laugh out loud when I saw what cd you posted about. It never ceases to amaze me how in sync we are!

  2. Nope! I've been out Christmas shopping all day and just got home and saw in my email that you had left a comment. I'll check into your blog later when I've unloaded all my loot. :<)


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