Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A basket of friendship

That little Christmas-y basket next to the kitchen chair is just full of joy and friendship. This is where the Christmas cards go when they arrive in our house. Over the years, I have hung them across rooms on ribbon, taped them up on the above counter cupboards (before we took them down), and put them on all the door and window casements, but I think I like the basket the best. Whoever comes into the house, settles right down in the chair in front of the woodstove and looks through all the beautiful cards and delightful photographs. The familiar handwriting on the cards, the each-year-older children's faces in the pictures all welcome us to sit a spell and visit with old and new friends. It is one of the most satisfying pleasures of the season.


  1. Nan,

    Thank you for the inspiration. I have been putting off hanging my cards from the beam that divides my living room from the kitchen and dining areas in our open floor plan. I think putting the cards in a little red and green "bushel" basket (smaller version) near the rocking chair in the cozy end of my kitchen would be perfect!

  2. Thanks, Aisling. I think I realized over time that once I hung the card up, I didn't really look at it again during the season. And I always hated to put tape on the photo cards because I keep them. This way, I can sit down anytime and feel the warmth and refreshment that comes from time spent with friends.

    Maybe you can post a photo on your blog when you set up your basket!


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