Friday, May 11, 2007

A walk on nature's wild side

Do you suppose if Wordsworth had written about a host of golden dandelions, this lowly flower might be better loved?

Trout-Lily or Adder's-Tongue. I love both these names.

Ferns unfurling. Don't they look like some kind of pods in a horror movie?

This is called Juneberry, Shadbush, Serviceberry. Around here when we see the blooms it means the arrival of black flies.

Yellow bedstraw. Another great name. A bit on the weedy side but the leaves and the flowers to come are beautiful.


  1. Loving your pretty photos. Guess spring has finally sprung at your house!

  2. I love dandelions, they are so colourful, I like to see them in my garden. They are nice in salads too!


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