Friday, May 25, 2007

Practicing what Gladys preached

Well, I told Tara that I was going to go out and sit and watch what was around me. Here is where I sat.

And this is what I saw:

Onion plants doing well, and are those dog prints I see?

The peas are up. The garden fork is my little homage to Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit. And indeed, quite often the song sparrow perches on top and sings away.

The garlic we planted last fall is looking great!

My new shoes.

The lilac is just starting to open.

What I heard: sparrows and finches and the wind rustling the trees.

What I smelled: The lilacs haven't opened enough yet to perfume the air, so the only smell was the bread baking in the kitchen.

Now, this wasn't a perfect example of sitting and watching because I did bring the camera, but still... The photos aren't so great because I was looking right into the sun. Those chairs face south. And my dogs didn't join me because they think it is too hot out.


  1. Thanks for the shots of the garden and your chairs. I just ordered Glady Taber's Stillmeadow's books from my library. I had read all her books years ago, and now I want to red them again. At the moment, I just want to read 'pleasant' stories - do you ever have times like that? I also plan to order Henry Mitchell's book - again, thanks to you, Nan.
    I love the name, Nan, as my first reader in Primary grade was about Jimmy Dale and Nan - I was so happy to read and know what was in a book! Reading - one of the best skills anyone can have, I think.

  2. That's all I ever want to read. :<) Well, I do venture into some mysteries that can get gory, but mostly it is "pleasant" I go looking for. Oh, Henry Mitchell is my idol. I so wish he were still living. His writing is witty and so funny.

    I think one of the Bobbsey twins was Nan; Nan and Bert and Flossie and Freddie!

    Thanks so much for your comment. You know, I think I left one on your blog months ago. It might have been a gingerbread photo?? Maybe I just think I left it. :<)

  3. Nan, I love your new shoes. I have a similar pair only they're more like sandals--the back is open--and they are bright red(!)I had to choose between red or purple; it was a difficult choice and someday I'll go back and buy the purple ones.

  4. And a lovely afternoon was had! I love your chairs and am envious of your homegrown garlic. I'm glad you confirmed the Bobbsey twin connection; I was thinking about that as I read Peg's comments.

    I've just come in from sitting outside myself, though will admit I was reading - the Beatrix Potter biography in fact - she is just popping up everywhere for me lately!

  5. Nan, I forgot to are *too* good to me =)

  6. Inspiring, Nan but it's too cold to sit outside today after a week of warm sunny days. So, I'll have to sit inside. I see you're reading the Hardy biography. I started it after Christmas and read the first part up to 1867 and stopped as I decided I need to read more of Hardy's own books before going any further. How are you getting on with it?

    This also makes me want to read the Beatrix Potter biography!

  7. Oh, I loved reading Stillmeadow Sampler years ago. I should hunt it down in the library.

    My aunt had lawn chairs like yours. Very comfortable.

    It is the end of lilac season here but the irises are scenting the air. I took pictures of one of the local iris fields. Need to get it uploaded to my blog later today, or tomorrow. Chores are fairly shouting my name but I had to pop over from Cornflower after seeing your comment about raw milk. We had a milk cow when I was young. It's so hard to track down raw milk anymore. There's nothing like it with homebaked bread or cookies.

  8. Great post and pictures! I love your shoes. I got some new ones that are very similar, but they're a half size too large so I've order the next size down and will compare before sending the first pair back. I got mine at Lands End. How about you?

  9. Thanks, Catherine Mary. You ought to post a photo of them on your blog. :<)

    Tara, this is only our second year of growing garlic. It couldn't be easier. We plant in the fall, it grows all spring and summer and then we harvest in the late summer. It is so wonderful to have our own. I could have a whole garden with just garlic! We got the chairs a while back. They were everywhere when I was a kid, but I don't see them so much now. Maybe because they get rusty, but I think that adds to their dear character. :<)

    Tara and Books Please, I own the Beatrix Potter biog. and I look forward to reading it.

    Books Please, I'm loving the TH biog. What a good writer she is; very conversational, an she brings the people and time alive for me.

    Fiberjoy, thanks for stopping by. I'll look for your iris photos. Ours won't be out for a little bit, but I'm already planning a blog entry for them. :<) Milk isn't very fashionable these days. It's all about soda and caffeine drinks, but I'll take milk always. If you go right to the local farms, you can get the milk raw. It is truly a whole different food from store milk.

    Les, my shoes are the brand, Ecco. I have some boots by them too. Great company. Pricey, but good for the feet. :<)


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