Monday, May 7, 2007

Supper on the patio

Who says vegetarians can't have a cookout? :<) Last night we had the best potatoes. We used one of those foil bags, and filled it with peeled, chopped potatoes, garlic put through the press, and melted butter. I know, I know, it should have been olive oil, and I did add a little, but the original recipe called for butter, and it is just so good. :<) Our daughter was over, and she and Tom grilled veggie burgers as well. This summer when the zucchini comes in, I'll chop some up and add it to the mix. I've heard that grilled peppers are good, too, and will try them when they're available at the farmers' market.


  1. Oh yummy! Looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Nan ~ Your potatoes sound delicious! I'm always looking for ideas that are meatless when it comes to BBQ'ing, and these sound great. I'd stick with the butter, too :)

  3. Nan, I am a potato (and bread) lover so I think I would like this dish. I wonder how long it took to cook on the grill? Thank you for your comments on my blog--I'm glad you enjoy it.

  4. This is one of our favorite ways to do potatoes in the warm weather. I'm definitely going to try them with zucchini...maybe a little summer squash....

  5. Thank you all for stopping in to visit. They really were delicious. Catherine Mary, I think they took about 40 minutes. I may have to make them again very soon. :<)


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