Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Farm life / Movin' out

Just two weeks old, and the chicks are moving out of their cardboard box in the cellar to the barn. On the way, we set them down for a bit to enjoy the sunshine and warm air. Haven't they grown!

They'll stay in the pen until they're about as big as the other hens. The pen is covered only with chicken wire so the big hens and the little chicks can get to know each other without being in actual physical contact. We've done this with any new arrival into the farm family, and it has always worked well.


  1. Your little chicks are cuties. I want to pick them up and smooch on them, even though they wouldn't like it, and its not very sanitary!

  2. they are so adorable! And yes they certainly have grown. :)

  3. Thanks you two! They are so happy to be out in the barn, with more space, light, air. Tom says they aren't even skittish when he puts the food in. Nice breed, Dominiques.


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