Monday, May 7, 2007

Today's picture(s) / First violet and first Johnny Jump Up

Both species in the plant genus Viola. The Johnny Jump Up is also known as Heartsease. Isn't that a wonderful name?


  1. I love the name "heatsease" and think it to myself whenever I see those sweet tiny flowers. I grow them here too, but they tend to die out after a few years and I have to scatter a few more seeds. Do yours do that, or come back year after year after year?

  2. Gorgeous pictures of such sweet little flowers!!!

    Also, may I just say that I love, love, love your blog!!! It brightens my days so much!!! Thank you for making such a great place to visit on the internet!!!

    You are so cool!!!

  3. Aisling,They pop up every year, sometimes few, sometimes a lot, sometimes in the same places, sometimes in different spots.

    Laura, they really are sweet, aren't they. And such strong little things. I found some today where the logger had piled logs, just popping up as if they owned the place.

    And I thank you for your kindness, as always.


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