Monday, May 14, 2007

Today's picture/Plum blossoms

I wish there were a way to share the perfume of these blossoms.


  1. That's a very happy-making picture!

  2. How pretty! My wild apple trees, and my two cultivated varities are blooming very sweetly. You have me wishing for a plum tree now, so that I could smell the blossoms! *grin* More fruit trees and berry bushes are on my wish list anyway. This year, I think it will be blueberries. Do you grow those?

  3. After I wrote my comment, I realized something: I do have a plum tree. Two in fact. The difference is, they are ornamental so I don't really think of them as plums. This is the first spring for these trees (I planted them last summer) and one had only a few blossoms, while the other didn't have any. I still want plum trees that actually produce plums! *big grin*


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