Friday, May 4, 2007

Notes from the Natural World/May 4

Sitting and reading on the bench, I saw a shadow pass over the grass. I looked up and there was a hawk. Amazing to see one so close it leaves a shadow.

The wind. There is almost always a wind on our hill. Because of that, and because of my affection for my childhood copy of Anne of Windy Poplars, we named our place, Windy Poplars Farm. I so love it, and have never tired of the name after all these years. The wind today is one of those special spring winds. The sun is bright, but the strong, gusty wind keeps the air quite cool. And the temperature out on the bench, in that open, unsheltered spot was a few degrees colder than on the stone terrace just off the house.


  1. There was a house near my childhood home which was called Windy Ridge. The garden was full of stone birds and animals: squirrels, owls, frogs, etc. I was fascinated by it! I'm sure it was well-named as we lived next the sea and this house was a little further up the cliff on a truly windy ridge.
    Sometimes you just need the wind to blow the cobwebs away.

  2. I really, really love the wind. It is my favorite of all weather. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, but I find it so soothing. Have you ever read a children's book called Rabbit Hill? I seem to remember that there were stone statues at a house in that book. Do you miss living so near the sea?


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