Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today's cd/The Tender Trap

Stacey Kent/The Tender Trap/1998

Songwriter Jay Livingston wrote the liner notes for this cd, and he says,

Nobody singing today is as good as Stacey. In the days before rock and roll and country dominated the charts, she would have been an instant star. Today it will take longer, but there is no doubt in my mind that she will make it big.

He says she has the "soul of Billie Holiday" and the "fine rhythm phrasing of Ella Fitzgerald" and that she "sings the words like Nat King Cole - straightforward, clean and clear."

High praise, indeed, and well-deserved.

It is such a treat to hear these songs.

You see a pair of laughing eyes
and suddenly you're sighing sighs
You're thinking nothing's wrong,
you string along, boy, then snap!
Those eyes, those sighs,
they're part of the tender trap!

Great, great fun.

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