Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mrs Bale cries, oh, no, not snow

Yes, it is snowing. Lightly, but still. What a week this has been. Is anyone else having trouble with the time change? I've been out of sync since Sunday. I'm eating supper too late, staying up too late, hating to get out of bed in the morning, and dragging through the days. It just isn't right to mess with time like this. There was a comic piece on Letterman the other night and the guy was running for President, saying, "Are you sick of the government telling you when to change your clocks!" Well, I sure am. Plus, after days and days of bright sunshine, it has been cloudy all the time. The upside is we've had some nice warm temperatures, along with melt and mud. Mrs Bale and I want to see some color like this

and this


  1. Hello from North Carolina. I enjoy your blog very much and wanted to ask what the flowers are in the top photo. It's getting warm enough that the planting bug has reared it's tiny little head.

    Thank you for your lovely blog.

    Linda Smith

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment! One of my best friends was born, Linda Smith. :<) And another wonderful friend lives in your state, along with a cousin of my husband's. Small world. The flowers are Baptisia Australis or False Indigo. They are in the pea family. A great, great plant, which as they say, likes to stay where it is planted. It grows quite large, and isn't that the best color! Thank you for your nice words. Mrs Bale (I'm sure it was her) brought out the sun right after I posted this blog entry.

  3. We've been having a very rough time getting up in the morning, too. I'm sure by next week, though, we'll be back in synch. I do love the longer days, especially now that our weather's so nice (although it was quite cold this morning with flurries to the north of us!).

    I do love that False Indigo. I need to find a sunny spot for it in my garden this year!

  4. Hi Nan, haven't visited in awhile and am catching up this rainy morning. I'm still not aligned with the time change. Takes me weeks, all of which I wake up tired and drag through the day. Wish it could stay natural. I do enjoy the evenings with later sunsets but getting up when it's still dark isn't a good tradeoff.
    I enjoyed the year of photos you took. Hope you're soon to smell those southern (and warmer) breezes!

  5. Les, the false indigo can get quite large. I've seen one that is almost three feet across, and because it doesn't like to be moved, the location has to be chosen very carefully. :<) Such a nice flower, and one we just found out about a couple years ago.
    Vicky, I have a lot of "catching up" to do in reading people's blogs. I've been busy and lucky to keep up with my own. I'll be over to "see" you, soon. I'm pleased you liked the morning garden pictures.


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