Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One of my favorite signs of spring

Sadly, I did not take this photo. Woodcocks are rarely visible around here, but we sure hear them. They do the most extraordinary little spring mating dance. It almost sounds like a plane in a war movie falling to earth. Then when it lands, it goes "ent." Impossible to spell, but you may hear it on the site where I got the picture. There is even a video of the dear bird digging for worms.

This delightful display occurs at dusk. We always run outside and try to see it in the darkening sky. Sometimes we can but most often it is only the sound which tells us where it is. Occasionally we have a real treat when there are two or three in different areas of the pasture. We are particularly fond of the Woodcock, and were thrilled to hear it again on Monday evening.

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