Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today's cd/In Love Again

Stacey Kent/In Love Again/2003

Stacey Kent is, hands-down, my favorite singer. I own six of her cds, and two more she has done with her husband, Jim Tomlinson. Perhaps I will feature one each day for the next week. :<) She is absolutely wonderful. This particular cd offers the songs of Richard Rodgers, those written with Lorenz Hart and those with Oscar Hammerstein II.

In honor of this second day of spring, the song playing is It Might As Well Be Spring. "I'm as restless as a willow in a windstorm."

The liner notes on this album were written by the great author, Kazuo Ishiguro. He says:

"... Stacey Kent is a singer to match the greats of the past, with an unusual power to hold your attention and control your emotions from the first note.

Why? For one thing, Stacey's singing never lets us forget these songs are about people. Her protagonists come to life so fully in her voice you sometimes have to remind yourself the CD has no visuals."


  1. have gone and done it again!! More music that I have never heard of and now I am totally enamored by!! You introduced me to Pink Martini and now I am a huge fan of theirs, and now I will have to explore Stacy the song that is on your blog!!!

  2. I just love her singing, and her choice of material. Beautiful. You'll see all the other cds as the days go on. :<) And I must also thank you for introducing me to Pine Valley Cosmonauts, and Mandy Barnett and The Knitters, none of whom I had ever heard of.


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