Monday, March 12, 2007


Freesias are not a flower I knew in my childhood. I first heard of them in the 1970s when I began reading the books by Derek Tangye about the life he and his wife lived in Cornwall, growing flowers.

I loved these books, and their way of life so much that when we were on our honeymoon, we went to visit, walking through fields of gorse with lovely ocean views. We met Derek on the way, and he asked if we had seen any donkeys. We said we hadn't, but that we had just gotten married, and were coming to see him and his wife, Jeannie. They were so welcoming, as if we were long-awaited friends. Their home was truly an enchanted place. It was beautiful beyond words. They were so in love, and were living the life we, too, wanted to live. Rural, quiet, lovely, with animals and gardens. We have pretty much been living that life ourselves ever since.


  1. Nan, You honeymooned in Cornwall? How beautiful! I understand it to be a lovely coastal area with a personality all it's own; at once part of England and yet unique. I have wanted to visit there for so long. Freesia's are florists flowers for me. Have you tried growing them yourself?

  2. No, I don't think they'd make it here. A very special young florist in my area opened up a shop a few years ago, and she features these wonderful flowers. Do you know that not all people can smell Freesias? And my husband is one of them.

    We actually got married in London, after having stayed there 15 days to fulfill the legal residence requirement, and then traveled around England for another two weeks. It was a great trip. We were going to go back for our daughter's high school graduation trip but it was the time of the hoof and mouth problem, and we didn't dare chance it.


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