Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Farm life/logging

Every few years, we have some logging done on our land. It is rather like thinning carrots in the garden. By cutting down some trees, the forest is opened up and the remaining trees grow better. The pine gets sold to a mill that makes it into boards, and the hardwood is sold for firewood, with two years worth saved for us. It is a nice source of extra income as well. We have a single logger, who is excellent. He works slowly and carefully. He keeps us informed about how the job is going. He is conscientious about the future of the woods. He doesn't go in and clear cut; he carefully chooses which trees should be cut down and which ones should stay and grow some more.


  1. These are great pictures. I love the red/green/white combination and the real feel of the process they give.

  2. A wood lot! Time was when we all had one. I'm glad to see that the tradition carries on.


  3. Karen, I love your artistic eye. It is a great process. Tom got to drive the skidder the other day and he says it was fun. :<)

    Mary, you're right. I have a photo of my grandfather, who was a farmer, hauling wood in the winter. That was a part of the year's work, just like haying.

  4. Is this the road that goes up from the back of your house? I can picture that road still. I'd love to smell the air. Is it brisk and pine-scented?

  5. I'm so glad you've found someone to take care of this necessary job while maintaining the health and beauty of the land.

    I love that you care about preserving nature!

  6. Yes, Janet, it is the road that goes up the hill. It is SO brisk, I haven't taken a walk up there for a while. :<) I would guess the pine smell is strong from the trees being cut.

    And Grace, what a nice thing to say!


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