Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today's cd/Close Your Eyes

Stacey Kent/Close Your Eyes/1997

This is Stacey Kent's first album, and in the words of Humphrey Lyttelton, who wrote the liner notes:

I can't conceive of a more auspicious debut than this.

The song playing is the Haven Gillespie/J. Fred Coots song, You Go To My Head, which has one of the best lyrics ever:

You go to my head
with a smile that makes my temperature rise
like a summer with a thousand Julys
you intoxicate my soul with your eyes

I just love that, "a thousand Julys." What is better than July? The middle of summer, the peak of the flowers, no August, no fall in sight. Pure bliss. I do love all the seasons, but there is something about July that is very special.

Another offering is the beautiful, More Than You Know by Vincent Youmans/Billy Rose/and Edward Eliscu. And the cheerful Cole Porter, It's Delovely. I love I'm Old Fashioned by Jerome Kern and Johnny Mercer:

I'm old fashioned
I love the moonlight
I love the old fashioned things
The sound of rain
upon a window pane
the starry song that April sings

This is a cd you can put on and bring sunshine into a gloomy day. Great songwriters and an excellent singer. It doesn't get any better.

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