Saturday, March 31, 2007

Today's cd/Ground Force

Black Dyke Band, composed by Jim Parker/Ground Force/1999

For a long time, I was a faithful viewer of Ground Force. We no longer get the channel, BBC America, so I don't know if it is even still on, but what a wonderful program it was. Though my house and garden aren't like the ones featured in the show, I got many, many ideas. I love Alan Titchmarsh, and all the others on the show.

This band was featured on one of the programs. As I mentioned once, my husband loves brass band music, as do I. One of the (very) many things I love about Britain is the town brass bands. The songs are delightfully titled with many of them in tribute to the hardworking cast; Tommy Tiger, Charlie's Water Music, Whippoorwill, and The Titchmarsh Warbler. This is a wonderful album for Saturday afternoon listening as I work around the house.


  1. I have not seen Ground Force in awhile. Their shows were great and I loved it when they came to the US. There was one show where they did a ruin in someones backyard.
    Awesome result.

    BBC America has such great shows. I like their Cash in the Attic so much better than the American version.

  2. Makes me miss the station. Thanks for stopping by and for both your comments. Come again!


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