Friday, November 27, 2009

At this moment

You may find out what 'At this moment' is at the first posting, and the others may be found under 'Letter Topics' on the sidebar. If you are so inclined, please join me in this little exercise in awareness.

What I see: Sadie lying where the Christmas tree will be in a short time. Sooty sleeping. Ben is just beside me as I sit in the reading chair which was 'Today's picture.'

What I hear: a slight crackling of the wood stove, the furnace running, and the sound of the humidifier.

What I smell: a faint reminder of the IHOP French toast I made this morning.

What I taste: that French toast.

What I feel: warm and cozy, and happily immersed in my Agatha Chrisie book, Hercule Poirot's Christmas.


  1. You pets look comfy, and your home looks beautiful.


  2. It looks and sounds (through your description) like a lovely place to be!

  3. Such a cosy post! love it! Love your header as well!
    Just had a marathon of watching Agatha Christie (Joan Hicks, whom I just love) and so we are somewhat on the same page!
    Love this cosy time....had snowfall this morning but no trace now!
    stay cosy,

  4. Your animals look very relaxed and cozy!! I love this post and hope the rest of your day was beautiful!

  5. I love French Toast!! Maybe I'll make some tomorrow!

  6. I read your post at Garden in my Pocket. I've missed you. I am sorry I was a "poop." Hope your family is well.

  7. This is such a lovely, comforting, peaceful post, Nan.

  8. So cozy and serene. I can sense the perfume of wood burning and French toast, can imagine the peace of it all.

  9. It was a peaceful 'moment' Kay, and it changed as soon as I got up. The dogs moved, the cat moved, the day changed. That's what is nice about actually jotting down the 'at this moment' because it is indeed fleeting.

    K, I love the smell of wood fires. Sometimes Tom can distinguish the different woods but I don't seem to have that gift. Gladys Taber wrote of apple fires having a wonderful smell.

    Janet, wow! what a surprise to hear from you. I actually 'saw' your name at Mary Lois' blog the other day, and clicked on it thinking it must be you. I saw your new blog. It has a very nice look and feel to it. Thank you for your words. Family is well, thanks.

    Sherri, this happens to me when I read about a certain dish on someone's blog, too!

    Joanne, my 'scheme' is to watch all the Joan H's again after I read all the Miss M books. I saw them years ago. We had snow, too. Watch the blog for Mrs Bale.:<)

    Staci, thanks. They are a pretty peaceful crew, but if the UPS guy had shown up at the door, those dogs would have jumped into action. :<)

    Aisling, it was very nice, and, as I wrote above to Kay, it didn't last all that long.

    Cornflower, you must have the same scene quite often!

    Gigi, thank you so much.

  10. Les, anytime, any day! For the first time in 28 years, my living room is just the way I love it. It's an odd shaped room, and it just never worked for me before.

  11. Your living room sounds very much like mine. If it weren't for the fact that I love to stretch out on the couch while reading in the late evening hours, I'd get rid of it and get two comfy chairs to go in front of that window. We have a long room with the front door in the middle. Our living area holds a couch, Rod's wing-back & ottoman, a coffee table, side table, two bookcases and a tv. On the other side of the front door, we have to wingback chairs with a table in between. Across from those is a sofa table with my Bose. We'll occasionally sit in those two chairs and listen to music while sipping a cocktail. I'm sure you've seen enough photos to have some idea of what this room looks like. :)

  12. Les, I have seen pics but not with the words. I have a much better idea now. Our living room has - count 'em! - 5 doors! One is a closet and the rest go somewhere. My whole house is like this. The study has 2 doors. The kitchen has 6. And what do I love? Little rooms with ONE door. :<)


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