Saturday, November 28, 2009

My gggenerator!

As almost always happens if it snows a lot or the wind blows hard, we lost power about 8 pm last night, but this time we were prepared! After our last power outage, we finally bought a generator. The extension cords come in the window and one goes down cellar to the freezer and another goes to the refrigerator. And the nifty thing about the refrigerator one is that occasionally we can unplug it for a little while, and use that power for the television or for the computer. That's why you've seen three posts from me this morning. We've always been fortunate in that we have a spring which means we have water when the electricity is off, and the woodstove to keep us warm, but now we also have the sweet, sweet hum of the generator that is keeping our food cold and safe.

And because the song is now in your heads:


  1. It's good to be prepared; we often lose our electricity in high winds so we have candles everywhere at the ready, a woodburning stove, cook by bottled gas - and have a trusty generator. So I can empathise with your situation and hope the weather behaves. We haven't had snow for many years until early in 2009; it was bliss as no one could get out of the village for a few days - so quiet. Luckily we were prepared with plenty of food and milk.

  2. Whoopee. Really pleased for you. I recall many happy candlelight evenings at our caravan waiting for power to come back after a storm. All was pleasant except for the laptop battery gradually expiring.

  3. Brrrr - and beautiful!!! Love the title of your post. Stay warm!

  4. Oh wow, I'm in the mood for snow but don't know if I want it this much! I need a generator though cause we live on a ridge and the wind blows and howls and the power lines, and TV cables seem to get knocked out all the time.
    Any advice on generator buying?
    So glad your food is safe and you can use your computer or watch TV occasionally!
    What did you do other years for power and what is the longest you'd been without power?

  5. Hi Nan, it's even snowing here- but only a smattering compared to your impressive downfall! Hope we get more later on, I love snow.
    Your new genny is a welcome addition, I can see. We've been having interrupted water supplies due to mains maintenance, and it makes us realise how dependent we are on the utilities-though there is a spring about half a mile from us if we were desperate!!

  6. I hope your power has come back on, but it's nice you are so well prepared this year. Thanks for posting the video of the're right, it was in my head as soon as I saw your post title!

  7. Wow. We didn't get any snow, but we lost power. Our generator is wired to run our furnace, water pump, refrigerator, kitchen lights, and one outlet--just enough to keep things running!

  8. Oooh, I am jealous! Down here in Florida, generators are for summer hurricanes, not winter snowstorms. Not nearly as cozy and companionable.

    We have had lows in the 40's this week and we think we are freezing. Ha!

  9. Wow, Sarah! Tom may be in touch with you about the furnace connecting! Is yours a stationary one or portable. Ours is the latter. We still don't have power but they say it should be back today. A lot of towns in the state are out - many because of the wind, though we lost ours before the wind began, because of the heavy snow, I think.

    Robin, yeah, I sang it a fair bit of the day myself. :<)

    Rattling On, we are lucky with water but unlucky with power outages. The generator has been such a help. Tom has wires going all over the downstairs.

    Mim, so good to hear from you! The longest we've been without power was April 2007. Went out for two nights and three days. Well, this could tie it. Our generator is a $429 Troy Bilt at Lowe's. It is great! Other years we just sat by the woodstove and lost what was in the fridge and freezer. The last straw was when we lost many, many blueberries we had bought from a neighbor and all the spinach and rhubarb I had frozen myself. Hence, the generator!

    Wild Somerset Child, we should have bought this thing years ago! I recently read a mystery where the people were trapped in a house in England because of snow, and guess what - there were murders!

    Scriptor Senex, it has made a big difference. I could watch a dvd of Inspector Lewis last night. :<) Is the caravan in your backyard? Does it look like Roald Dahl's? :<)

    Nan, thank you!

  10. J.G., One of the things I love about the blogging world is learning things like this! Thank you for telling me. What an amazing difference. Forties can sometimes feel colder than below zero.

  11. No snow here! It was a balmy 64 with sunny skies yesterday. Unfortunately, I've been cooped up inside since Friday evening. Suffering from a terrible sore throat and feeling like a bad cold is coming on. My sweet husband is off grocery shopping (can't remember the last time he did this!) and will bring home orange juice, raspberry sorbet, bread for grilled cheese sandwiches and milk for tomato soup. I'm staying in my jammies and heading to the couch with my current book. Enjoy your gggenerator! :)

  12. Sorry you are sick, Les. But all your plans sound perfect - almost worth having the cold.


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