Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quote du jour/Michael

We sent pictures of the snow via cell phone to our son Michael who is visiting friends in Chicago, and this is his text back to us:

I rreeeeeeallly hope the snow stays and we don't see rain again til spring! can't wait to ride!! [he is referring to snowboarding]


  1. My son would comply with that, he'll have to wait, he's in Malawi at the moment, far from any snow, which is painful for a devoted snowboarder.
    I wonder if you are still without power, thank heavens you have your wonderful generator now, a sound investment.
    It all sounds so cosy and beautiful, I'm sure there are challenges that those of us in more temperate climates can't imagine, meanwhile, I'm jealous!

  2. Wow, I'll bet! Still no power at 11.30 am Sunday, but we've seen some trucks out and about, and the website says we should have it by afternoon. Oh yeah, challenges- can't wash dishes, or do laundry, or use humidifier. The hot water is gone so no showers today. Not complaining - we are doing okay, but eager for the power to come back. A lot of the state has been out because of winds, but our area lost it because of heavy snow. Not as bad as those floods in your land.

  3. Love the Who link...glad you are warm and toasty and well prepared for winter.

  4. Thanks, Susan. 40 1/2 hours without power! The washer and dishwasher ran for ages when we got it back!


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