Sunday, November 8, 2009

A bit of bookkeeping on the sidebar

If you are like me, when you visit blogs you like to check the blogs which that person reads. This is a great way to 'meet' new people. For ages my bloglist, found on the sidebar under 'Oh, the Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss (blogs I love to visit around the world)' has been in alphabetical order, and today I've reversed it. So, for example, if you stop by and are looking for 'Across Canada' which is usually at the top, please scroll down to the end of the list.

Addendum: I've also reduced my font. A while ago I increased it, thinking it might be easier to read, but I've heard from a fellow blogger who wonders if the increase has perhaps made the blog slower to load. This is not a consideration for all you lucky ones with a high-speed connection but for those of us with satellite, it may make a difference. I've also removed the Agatha Christie challenge logo and Short Story Monday logo from the sidebar. And I've put just the title of a blog entry and how long ago it was posted on the list of blogs. I'm hoping these changes will make my blog easier and faster to load. Please always let me know if you ever have any problems whatsoever. I want my blog to be as comfortable a place to visit as possible.


  1. Your blog popped up very nicely, thank you. I sure hope mine isn't too loaded or anything making it difficult to pop up.

  2. I have indeed met some new friends thanks to the blogroll on your site.

    I like the new font size.

  3. Thank you for so kindly making things easier for us. I love the bloglist, it enables me to read bloggers I would never find without your list, to see when they last posted and their subject also saves lots of time.

    I can almost smell the wonderful logpile on your header, hoping you have some lovely cosy fires.


  4. Your blog is one of the most comfortable places to visit in the universe.

  5. Nan, I love all the info on your blog. It has always loaded fine for me.
    At least you can choose the font size...I've had loads of problems with mine and can't get back to what used to be my favuorite settings- very frustrating. The helpdesk just make random suggestions so I've stopped asking them.
    Love your log pile.

  6. I do think that may help, but I do notice that if you keep only 2 or 3 post from downloading on one page then it helps speed up the download. Yours pops up very quickly for me!

  7. I haven't had any trouble, Kay!

    I'm glad, Thomas. And thanks for the feedback on the font size.

    Carole, I like that feature which blogger offers. I just cleaned it up a bit so there is the blog title, entry title, and last time posted. This eliminates photos and a snippet which may slow loading time for some people. And yes, the woodstove is going all the time.

    Oh, you dear Mary Lois!

    Rattling On, I am full of praise for blogger because I can change anything I want. Size, colors, template - and so easily.

    Linda, I'm glad you get it quickly. I like to have a week's postings come up at a time, and then the rest are listed over on the sidebar.

    Thanks, Heather!

  8. Aren't you just the most considerate blogger around! Thanks for making the adjustments. Do let me know if my blog is difficult for you to load. I know I have lots of photos on it at times...

  9. Les, thank you for your nice words.
    I've never had trouble with yours loading. There are only a couple blogs I read that take a long time.


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