Monday, August 10, 2009

Yellow beans

This is the second batch of yellow beans I've picked. The first batch was cooked and eaten before I remembered the camera. In this shot they are in the cooking water outdoors in sunshine and a little shadow. I've mentioned before that this is one vegetable I like cooked and cooked until soft. Then I'll add a lot of butter and a little salt. Ah...


  1. we've just started harvesting our yellow and purple beans ~ so delicious!

  2. Boy does this bring back memories! In my mind I'm 6 again, and I'm watching my grandma can yellow beans. All those quart jars in and out of the pressure cooker, then all lined up on the counter top. The "pop" of the canning lids as the jars seal. Thanks for this!

  3. Niki, I just saw purple beans on Tara's blog this morning:

    What a great color. Do they taste more like green or yellow or do they have a flavor all their own?

    Patrice, What a nice memory. Do you know Greg Brown's Canned Goods song?
    I put the lyrics on my blog a while back:

  4. Kay, I love yellow beans, but not green ones. :<)


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