Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Books on tv

First we had the websites dedicated to books seen on LOST. And now, here is a fantastically fun article from The Daily Beast on books either seen in Mad Men or written during the 1950s or 1960s.

The Daily Beast offers some advice on how to read like a Mad Man

Thanks to Jeff, Tom and I are totally absorbed in the series. We're watching as fast as we can to catch up to this year. However, I did something I rarely do in books or television series - I watched the third season series premiere on AMC this past Sunday night at ten pm eastern time. I couldn't resist. I'll write more about it as time goes by.


  1. I'm going to have to check those book lists but I couldn't help passing on my admiration of your banner. I am prepaaring for the Heath Fair today, and I'm entering sweetpeas - among other things.

  2. Thank you! I don't think I've ever had such prolific and wonderful sweet peas. Could it be the raised bed?? What a wonderful fragrance they have. A perfect flower. Hope yours win a prize!

  3. My husband and I just love Mad Men as well. We had a party the other night for the Season 3 kick-off - I wish you could have been here! I wore an apron with pearls and served bundt cake with vodka gimlets. :)

  4. The Man In the Grey Flannel Suit was one I read and also saw the film with Gregory Peck. Predating the Mad Men era was What Makes Sammy Run. Read both even before I stepped foot into that Mad world of publishing and advertising.

    Finally saw the show last night - Don Draper with his usual philandering and philosophizing. Campbell still whining and complaining. Peggy taking charge and switching camps. And the Brits playing one Yank against another.

    And Joan. Egad, Joan...

    Fantastic series...too long between seasons. :)

    - Jeff

  5. Alison, you really know how to live! What a fun, fun thing to do.

    Jeff, that's been the great thing about catching up with the dvds - one show right after the other. I saw the movie of Man in the Grey Flannel Suit- very, very good. Thanks again for letting us know about this great show. We actually upped our dish network channels so we could get AMC. :<)

  6. Oh, how we love MAD MEN! We finished Season Two on DVD last night. Tonight we begin the two taped episodes from Season Three. I will be so down-hearted when I have to wait a week for each new episode. But at least it won't be as bad as waiting for Season Two to come out on DVD.

    I love asking all my friends: Would you have been a Joan or a Peggy or a Betty? Well...?

  7. I'm so glad to know we share this love of Mad Men (and Women!). I'm more Betty than anyone - we haven't finished season 2 yet but unless she does something shocking - yep, that's me. Now, if I only looked like her, too. :<) My fave scene so far is her shooting at the pigeons with the cigarette hanging out of her mouth. That was my mother (not the gun, but the cigarette, ever-present). Did you watch the extras where one of the writers said that was based on a real incident? The extras have all been great.

  8. I love that most of the writers on the show are women. Clearly, I should have been watching the extras. I'm pushing my bedtime even to watch the episodes. Now I feel as though I need to re-up them on Netflix and take a look at the extras.

    Keep your eye on Betty as Season Two closes... Season Two is just so delicious.

  9. June, this is where I am in the series - as of last night. Betty's friend, Francine played by the terrific Anne Dudek from House, has just stopped in with the phone bill story. Think of it - the men handled all the bills.

  10. I don't want to spoil anything for you. But I do hope we can continue our Mad Men discussions. We're up-to-the-minute now, which means that I have to wait from one week to the next for my next big drink of water (or is it a cool G & T)?

    No water cooler in my life! So I'm very happy to have a chance to toss it back and forth with you!

  11. June, that sounds great. I got so annoyed with the episode I just watched, I almost gave up. :<)


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