Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's cd/My One and Only Thrill - Melody Gardot

While chopping squash and onions for the freezer today, I listened to the wonderful, exquisite new album by Melody Gardot. You may recall an earlier 'today's cd' which featured another album here. Rather than try to find the words to tell you how much I love her songs and her voice, you may have a look and listen for yourself. The cd is for sale at all the regular places. I bought mine at iTunes.


  1. another new singer from you!
    We will look up more of her singing.
    You made this late friday afternoon
    more delightful!


  2. WOW I have never heard of her, but she has an amazing voice. Thank you for sharing! I will be sure to look her up. such a soft voice that puts you right into a trance!

  3. I've never heard of her before but wow she is fabulous! Nan - you lead me to such interesting new people, places, and things! I'm so glad to "know" you. You inspire my life!

  4. Very, very nice. She's got a velvet voice.

  5. I'm so glad, Bonnie. Both cds are wonderful.

    Linda, isn't she just great?!

    Karla, what a nice, nice thing to say! You warm my heart.

    Kay, she does indeed.

  6. I love to listen to music while I put up the harvest. And OH how I love her voice. This may be the soundtrack of this year's September. THANK YOU! As always you are such a great source of newfound treasures, Nan.

  7. June, I'm so, so pleased you like her. Wonderful singer and woman.


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