Friday, August 7, 2009

Today's picture/tablecloth on clothesline

My friend Judi gave me this old tablecloth today and I just love it.

I like the shadows of the clothesline and the clothespins on the tablecloth.


  1. Nan, that cloth is lovely. I clicked to enlarge and get a better view- love the gardening scenes.
    I have a funny cloth with a campfire theme- fires, spit roasts and the lot.
    I use proper cloths all the time, and really like the old embroidered ones.

  2. Nostalgia on several levels. Love it!

  3. Aren't you the lucky one to receive this beautiful tablecloth.

  4. Oh, is adorable. I just love it too. I have a thing for those vintage tablecloths. What a great friend !

    And GREAT the shadows...wonderful....


  5. Love the photograph. Love the tablecloth. Love that you shared it, Nan. You have such a gifted eye.

  6. Love that! I wish I could hang my clothes outside but I live on a well-traveled dirt road!!! Too much dust!!!

  7. love shadow pictures - and old tablecloths!

  8. It's a beauty! I had one that was very similar - it belonged to my hubby's grandmother.

    Your lilies are gorgeous - I have some yellow ones and two new ones this year - they are sort of a peachy colour. I'm going to add more next year. They are the nicest perennials - so showy!

  9. Interesting composition, Nan! You make a retro tablecloth look like an statement of abstract expressionism!

  10. Rattling On, I love the women and the gardens and the tools. It's such a wonderful cloth and is now on my table!

    Pamela, yes it is, and I love it.

    JG, you are so, so right!

    Lisa, I am so pleased to have it. I just sent my friend Judi the address so she could see it on the blog.

    Farmhouse Kitchen, I don't have any of my mother's tablecloths so this one really means very much to me. And thanks about the pic. I just looked out the window and was wowed by the sight so I went right out with the camera.

    June, what a nice thing to say. Thanks.

    Staci, maybe the breezes would blow the dirt away??

    Susan, me too!

    Aisling, thank you.

    Island Sparrow, yes they are and so easy to grow!

    Mary Lois, what a great thing to say.

  11. I love this tablecloth! What a good friend to pass it on to you. And, my, what a beautiful photograph. I love the shadows of the clothesline peeking from behind. Very creative shot, Nan!

  12. Les, thank you so much! I'm very grateful for the tablecloth and it is now on the kitchen table. I love those shadows too.


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