Friday, August 7, 2009

Lily of the day/August 7

This is one of the smallest daylilies (maybe three inches across) and it is almost like a delicate little teacup catching the sun.


  1. This indeed looks like it caught the sun with that yellow throat. I have two small daylilies that never cease to please with multiple blooms. One is Little Grapette and the other that is golden yellow with a red throat I don't remember the name.

  2. Very Pretty ... I used to have some but the woods have taken over ... ivy.

  3. What a cute one! My daughter calls the tiniest lillies "fairy hats" :).

  4. Lisa, there is a touch of green too which I love.

    JC, that ivy can be powerful stuff. I've seen it just take over stone walls.

    Alison, I just love that. Perfect, perfect.

  5. Hi Nan, well, I saw it and it was WONDERFUL....I just loved Julia so much..... all the food and cooking and pots and pans and Paris..everything....

    I am swooning and getting out my Julia cookbook right now ...again...
    I started "The Julie and Julia" book and could never get into it.
    And how is this...I thought it was just a book, I never knew it
    started as a blog... :-{
    Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be in touch.

  6. Kary, I can't wait to see it. My daughter just read the book and loved it. If you go to my Saturday Sally post today, you'll find a link to the origin of the whole J&J idea.


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