Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lilies of the day/August 12

There are four daylilies left which haven't been featured as a lily of the day yet. They are quite similar to the July 13 lily in that they are all red and yellow. But they are each just the tiniest bit different one from another in size or shade. I guess you could call today's entries, variations on a red and yellow daylily. So that makes 21 different daylilies all around the garden. Each one takes my breath away, and gives me more pleasure than any other flower.


  1. Beautiful...lillies are my favourite flower. Keep the gorgeous photos coming!mi

  2. Thanks, Colleen. That's the last of the 'lily of the day' pics.

  3. Thank you so much for showing them all to us. They are lovely. I'm never sure what my favorite flower is , it varies. Right at the moment I am looking at a beautiful 'old fashioned' rose, I think that is my favorite right now!
    What comes next in your flower garden?


  4. Carole, believe it or not, the sweet peas are just opening. Monkshood is out. Nasturtiums are in abundance. And in the fields the goldenrod shines like the sun.


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