Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Stroll/August 9

This Sunday I want to talk about strolling through the blogs; that is, how I live in the blogging world. First off, you'll notice that I don't show any 'followers' on my blog. This is because I am a modest and shy soul. I'm also not a 'follower' of any blogs. The ones I read are over there on the sidebar. I don't subscribe to any blogs or get any alerts. I can look to my left and see if someone has written something new. I keep a bookmark folder called 'new visits' and a folder called 'new commenters.' Every so often I go to these folders, read a few blogs, and sometimes add them to the blog lists. I love each and every blog I visit. There are some I have absolutely nothing in common with but I like the people and love to read whatever they have to say. There are some with whom I share a common interest. Some blogs make me laugh, some make me cry, each one makes me think and feel.

I am able to be on the world wide web because of this little satellite. It is a miracle to me. But that said, it still isn't as fast as many people are able to go. It is definitely miles better than the old dial-up connection, but it is affected by wind and rain. Not here necessarily, but down in Laredo, Texas. Sometimes we can't connect and Tom will call and they'll say, 'it's raining in Laredo.' Though I get annoyed, I also kind of like it that in this modern electronic world, nature still rules.

Because I don't have a super-duper fast internet connection, it takes me a long time to make my way around each day. Usually what I do is go visit someone and stay a while. I read a few entries at one time, and try to say something warm and witty in reply. ;<) But there are some days I don't have a chance to visit anyone, usually the days I am writing a blog entry myself. Those take a long time, too; even ones with just a photo. I have often walked all around the yard, taken 100 pictures and culled 99 to come up with a view that I'm pleased with. And if I write, say a book report, it always takes me ages. Good thing I'm not a writer because I'd never even have time to cook or pat the dogs. I imagine what it must be like to have really high-speed access. I'd zoom around my list in no time flat. But as it is now, I sometimes don't make it over to a blog I love for days or even weeks or months. That doesn't mean I forget about any of them. On the contrary, I'll find myself thinking about someone during the day or even as I nod off at night, and think I must go 'see' them soon.

Please do head over to The Quiet Country House and see where others are strolling today.


  1. Nan, Cute post! It made a world of difference to me to get "high speed" wireless internet in early May. It is a bit unreliable, but when it is working it is a miracle of technology, as compared to my old dial-up. I can actually watch youtube videos now, and have subscribed to Netflix and can watch movies on my laptop. It's amazing how technology advances, and as much as I love the simple things in life, I can appreciate these advances in technology as well!

  2. If I had to wait on the connection I wouldn't read half of what I do now. I don't always comment but I do read your posts. I don't want you to think you are out there all alone.

  3. What a neat stroll. I've got "high speed" internet, but with an older computer and less memory available, it's still relatively slow. I love to check up on my blog friends, too, and I find it funny that I can miss people I've never met if I don't have a chance to check their blogs for a while.

  4. Just found your review of Olive Kitteridge and will share it with my book club on Wednesday. I, too, loved the book - read it twice. And your review is wonderful. I'll be checking back - love the pictures of the lily of the day. Off to check out Persephone. Maggi in Wisconsin

  5. I have often wondered about your blog life. I am so grateful to all you bloggers, I salute the dedication and skill that goes into these thoughtful bulletins.
    It is so useful to have the bar on your blog that tells us what is going on elsewhere.
    My connection to cyberspace, indeed to television, is a bit dodgy too, I'm told it's all the hills around here, I quite like that.......most of the time!

  6. I'm much like you, I stroll, and savour my favourite blogs. I comment regularly on a few and sometimes on a pile of others. I don't have followers, but I do use a reader (google), although your system of checking your favourite blogs works just as well. I love blogging and the community of friends I've made as well as the experiences I'm able to share in from writers all over the world.

    I'll have a visit at some of your favourite blogs...I'm sure I'll find some new ones to enjoy :)
    Have a blessed week

  7. Ah, Nan, this sounds so like my own experience of the internet. We have broadband, sort of! Like you , it's all down to our location. The server is miles away over hill and dale and a lot of telephone cables are still overhead round here. So, if it's windy the service is very patchy. When it snows...Still, I'd rather live here with the slow connection than have superfast somewhere else.
    I love the layout of your blog, and like to browse through your choices as well! A good way of discovering new and interesting bloggers.
    Such a thoughtful post today. Thanks.

  8. I am one of the lucky ones whose blog you visit. An inveterate checker of my Site Meter, my heart always leaps up when I see that I had a visitor from Buskirk, NY--that's you, by the way! Thanks for dropping by.

  9. But your are so a writer... :)

    - J.

  10. What a great post! I love your slower pace of life, and I am at times envious of it. Part of my wants to cull my blog subscription list so I don't feel like I need to rush to read all of them. But I don't, b/c I can't decide who to cut out. :)

  11. You are always a welcome visitor, whenever you call!

  12. I am the same way in my blog-hopping. I tend to read 3 or 4 posts at a time on one blog. I could easily spend all day and night sitting in front of the computer, visiting all my favorites, posting to mine, gazing at all the beautiful pictures on Aminus3, and responding to emails from family & friends, and never see all there is to see. I try not to let it bother me, but sometimes it does feel a bit overwhelming!

  13. Aisling, I can watch you tubes, but we could never watch movies. When we didn't have the dish, Tom bought LOST at his school and put the shows on a disc so we could watch them. There's a whole thing going on about discrimination against rural areas - businesses need fast internet and too many cannot get it.

    Lisa, you are so sweet. Thank you.

    Farmer's Daughter, that's just how I feel!

    Thanks, Maggi. It really was good and the characters still stay with me. Thanks about the lily pics, too. They've been fun to do. And you will love Persephone; there goes your money!

    Carole, I love that word 'dodgy' - And I do like the new blogger options for listing blogs. Sometimes I have a picture or a 'snippet' from blogs.

    Thanks so much, Niki. I do love it too. There are some wonderful writers writing about fascinating subjects - like little books really.

    Thanks, Rattling On. We don't have 'hills and dales' but we sure have mountains and lots of trees and all those things make an impact on satellites I think.

    Mary Lois, you are so sweet. I chuckle when I visit blogs and read where they think I live. Not one has hit the right place yet. It must have something to do with some computer thing but I have no idea.

    Jeff, I'm smilin.' Thanks.

    Heather, I think I'd feel pressure and tense if something alerted me. I like finding things in my own way and time. I can look over and see that oh, I must go visit Heather because she's talking about blog templates (this morning's title). :<)

    Me, too, Susan!

    Call Me Madam, what a nice thing to say.

    Les, I agree completely. I sometimes resent it that I have to leave the computer to do other things. :<) I am so interested in so many things that I could be here a lot more than I am.

  14. Funny. I don't do the followers thing either, though I noticed on my main google page that some wonderful people are followers of my blog. I'm grateful for them, but haven't taken the time to figure out what that's all about. I'm still quite pleased with myself that I can upload pictures now!!

  15. Pamela, that's a great achievement!

  16. I loved your post, Nan. I can identify with everything you wrote. I'm trying to get around to people now that I'm down to just two guests but it's hard. I'll be freer in a couple of weeks.


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