Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Sally/August 8

Sally: a brief journey; an excursion or trip.

Today's Saturday Sally is traveling to the site of an essay. It was recommended to my by a fellow blogger, and it is a wonderful piece of writing. I want to read more by Beth Powning.

I know a couple people who didn't know that Julie & Julia began as a blog, so I thought I'd post the link to where it all started.

And since we still have six more weeks of summer (even though many of us think it ends on Labor Day) here is NPR's Summer Books page. You could spend a long time here.


  1. I saw Julie and Julia yesterday. It's perfectly delicious! And it makes you want to cook, cook, cook!

  2. We saw the movie Julie and Juliet last night. It is an entertaining movie. I didn't know prior to the movie that it was first a blog and a book. So I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. I love your blog banner. A perfect sky.

  4. Pamela, I can't wait to see it (and to read the book).

    Lisa, it hasn't come around us yet, and I hope it does soon. Your comment makes me glad I posted the link.

  5. I loved the book and can't wait to see the movie. I think a bunch of us from my book club are going to see it together. We read/discussed the book last month.

    Very nice essay by Beth Powning. Sad, yet very honest.

    I love your new banner. Great cloud!

  6. What a fun thing to do, Les. I bought the book, and Margaret read it first. I can't wait for both.
    I think Beth P. is such a good writer.
    Thanks about the banner!


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