Friday, August 14, 2009

Today's poem - Mountain Blueberry by Elizabeth Yates

Mountain Blueberry
by Elizabeth Yates

Obscurely growing, in land so poor that
nothing else will thrive
save spindle spires of hardhack,
and stubborn roots of sumac
with low-lying juniper;
familiar of loneliness
and of the wind's caress,
a wealth of blue fruit weighs the
gnarled stems down
and each blueberry wears a tiny crown.

These once were pastures, but the waste-
land now is host to bushes
blue as dawn's first thrust, and high,
intimate of far-flung sky
and the wild woodland robin.
Here heaven's benevolence
links with earth's affluence,
and none are present who require renown-
yet each small berry wears a tiny crown.

Another poem by Elizabeth Yates here.


  1. That was beautiful Elizabeth. I love poetry and reading others poetry. It just says so much about the person....loved it!

  2. Thank you for posting that poem. I don't read enough poetry!!

  3. A perfect follow-up to Blueberries for Sal! Have a great weekend, Nan (and Tom).

  4. Lisa, I loved her use of 'crown' - it is just perfect. And you are so right!

    Linda, I thought it was really lovely, too.

    Staci, I don't sit down and read it - I'll pick up a book and find some poems occasionally. I have a whole shelf of poetry. It often says what is in the heart, I think.

    JoAnn, perfectly! Both writers lived in New England, too.

  5. We just spent a week on Acadia eating wild blueberries. I will be sharing this with my girls.

  6. I hadn't read that poem before. It aptly describes the spot in Goshen, VT where friends and I picked blueberries for many years. I think you've just inspired me to post an essay I wrote during that time.

  7. Oh, Sarah, what fun!! That whole area is so beautiful. In fact, Bar Harbor is the last place we went on vacation eight years ago!

    Morning's Minion, I look forward to it. I've heard of Goshen but am not sure where it is.


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