Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today's picture/Tabouli

The first tabouli of the season made with our garlic, mint, parsley, and cherry tomatoes! You may find the recipe here.


  1. Nan, your tabouleh looks great. I always use cous cous as I don't like the bulgur. Maybe it's not a tabouleh any more then? Idea's the same though!

  2. That looks really good. Now I now what I am having for lunch.

  3. Sherri, it is!

    Rattling On, I'm sure it is still tabouleh or tabouli whether with bulgur or cous cous! A lot of people add onions or scallions or cucumbers but we like it with just the tomatoes and garlic.

    Thomas, hope you had a good lunch.

  4. I added cucumbers, and it was so yummy! thanks for the idea.

  5. Oh yummmm! That looks wonderful! I love your new header, too. Gorgeous flower. Is it a sweet pea?

  6. Do you ever make tabouli, Kay? Very easy and so tasty! Yes, it is a sweet pea. The sweet peas are the stars of the garden now.


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