Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Stroll/December 28

A misty, foggy day is my very favorite kind of weather at any time of year. Today's temp is in the mid-thirties (fahrenheit), the icicles have all melted, and there is a little grass showing where the snow has been plowed. The first two pictures were taken out the window, looking into the north pasture.

More a run than a stroll!

Tom gave me a zoom lens for Christmas which I just love.
Silver maple and locust


  1. The dogs look like they are thrilled to be outside running off steam.

    I really like that picture of the chickadee taking off from the feeder with the Hairy Woodpecker on the other side of the feeder. I will looke forward to seeing more of your zooom pictures.

  2. Lisa, they are so funny. Sadie loves every kind of weather, and we always say about Ben that he only likes to go out two or three days a year. :<)
    I was kind of tickled with the in-flight pic. I love those wings. Thanks for writing.

  3. The temperature is an odd contrast to the snowy surroundings today, and the fogs so atmospheric!

  4. It sure is foggy there. We had it all day yesterday. Today we have a howling wind. Gotta love that zoom lens.

  5. Great shots, Nan! And now I'm going to have more camera lust, because I would love to catch some of the birds at my feeder.

    The dogs look like they need to burn off some energy!

  6. Love the Locust and Silver Maple - so atmospheric.

  7. Love your pictures. Sadie was my little dog that passed away in September. You made me think of her.

  8. Hello Nan, I enjoy reading your blog and hope to be able to do more reading in 2009 when I am going to have more free time. I have listed some of the books you have written about. Hope I can find them here.
    I love your photos. Living in subtropical Australia I cant imagine what it would be like to live in those extemely cold conditions for so long. We are sweltering here.

  9. What a beautiful misty day! I love the photos you took with your zoom lens!

  10. Oh, snow for Christmas! We had frost but no snow. Lovely photos.

  11. Yay for Tom! I can't wait to see all the great pictures you'll capture with your new lens. What kind of a camera do you have, Nan?

  12. I would love to have zoom lens. I love misty days. We don't get that much in Hawaii but I loved them in Illinois.

  13. Margaret, I haven't had a chance to see your stroll yet. I bet you get more mist at least when you are at the lake. Is that right?
    Crafty Gardener, isn't weather just so amazing. We got the wind later, too, and the sunset picture post was the result!
    Joyce, those birds are the main reason I wanted a zoom. Without it, I stand near the feeders for ages trying to get pictures. :<) Yeah, the dogs have been in a bit too much lately!
    Scriptor S. that was my favorite photo. I felt like a book cover to a creepy story. :<)
    Ernestine, I'm still so sorry about her. I wonder if you'll get a little dog come spring.
    Patricia, thanks so much for coming by and for leaving a comment. I wouldn't be able to bear the 'sweltering!!' I'm a cold weather girl through and through!
    Aisling, you would have loved being here!
    Thanks, Margaret. We almost always have a white Christmas.
    Les, Tom loved your comment! The camera is a Nikon D40.
    Kay, I guess I thought Hawaii did have misty weather. Shows how much i know.:<)

  14. These are absolutely beautiful, Nan. My favourite is the last photo. Glorious!

  15. Those are beautiful photos! They remind me of the blizzards we used to get in Nova Scotia when I was a kid.

  16. Thank you, dream queen, for stopping in and leaving a comment. I'll be over to visit you soon.


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