Monday, December 15, 2008

Passing the Time

One of my many idiosyncrasies is that I rarely mind things that drive some people crazy. I like waiting in traffic because I almost always have an audio book or music I love in the car's cd player. I also don't mind standing in supermarket lines. This is my chance to read the latest gossip magazines on the rack. Closer to home (in the computer/blogging sense), I truly don't mind the word verification item that comes up when I leave a comment on several blogs. Because I read everything from signs to cereal boxes, these letters offer just another sort of reading. The ones on Typepad are the more pedestrian; 'just the facts' - though 63z7g9 looks a little like a British or Canadian postal code which makes me smile. But Blogger, oh, those cute little words are so artsy and fun. kitio - like the 1950s 'daddy-o.' clechem reminds me of pacem (peace) or a country somewhere. fereprec sounds like a cleanser for false teeth. excicell might be a new cell phone company. tornian could be a character out of Tolkien or Rowling. And damoll- well that's a hoodlum's woman, right?!


  1. So I'm not alone! We could start a society - SSS (Slow Sisters Society).
    Wv: minybent.

  2. I'm laughing, Margaretha!! I'm in!

  3. Nan, I wait "easily" too. I wasn't as patient in my youth, and I am the only one in my household who is. Like you, I enjoy the words in the verification process. This one is "ptescot" which sounds like a "petite scot" or someone trying to get "scot's" attention so that they can whisper a secret. Love "damoll" - of course that means a gangster's girl! ;)

  4. I wish I was as zen as you. I need to learn some patience and to appreciate the moment!

    PS - Word verification here: kilings

  5. I think it is amazing how sometimes the word verification word fits in with the post it is supposedly protecting.

  6. 'daraggit'
    I think this is a what you call a childs ( or dogs) soft toy when it has been rolled in the mud and subsequently washed so many times, that it is no longer recognisable, but still very much loved.
    I LOVE word verification!

  7. I just typed 'bedness' on hte last blog I visited before I came here. It has so much potential as a word!

  8. I love this, Nan! I can't wait to show Rod your post.

    Viterom!! :)


  9. Aisling, I love your 'scots' interpretation! Such fun.
    Katie, I'm not zen about everything - but those particular things most people have trouble with, I don't. There are other areas I lack patience with. :<)
    Lisa, a good example of this was Colleen's 'cater' when she was commenting on the spicy egg cups. :<)
    Danielle, I love your 'daraggit' - perfect!
    Raidergirl, it's like in the south they say, 'bidness' :<)
    Kay, as I wrote to Katie, I'm not patient in all things at all times, believe me!
    Les, 'viterom' sounds like a super vitamin that weight lifters might take. :<)

    Thanks to all of you. Glad to hear you have fun with word verification too!

  10. After menopause something hit me that I can only describe as VERY mild dyslexia, causing me to reverse letters in typing occasionally and making the word verification not always a breeze. My favorite I came upon last week on a friend's blog, "rescure," which could mean rescuer or rest cure! Mine here is musical: "choritr."

  11. Mary Lois, isn't that interesting. Have you ever read about it in other people? I've always had trouble typing. It is not my forte, at all. There are some words I always get wrong. I'm better than I used to be since computers. Boy did I hate typewriters! 'choritr' like poetry only for a chorus. :<)

  12. I first read about the menopause symptom in Gail Sheehy's book New Passages. I picked up the book at the moment I had noticed I didn't seem to be able to type so well anymore, and that dialing a phone was dicey. She said the symptoms would vanish, but mine really haven't and it's 16 years later! It's not a serious problem like real dyslexia can be, but it is a nuisance.

  13. I enjoyed this post, too, and now I need to get back to what I was doing.

    The only thing I don't like about the word verification is when I can't read it. I don't think those that mix in numbers should use 1 or l, either.

  14. Sue, there are a lot of times I can't read it, and they give me a second batch that is always clearer, that is, the letters are more normal looking. Thanks for coming by.


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