Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Corner/Decorated Tree

Our daughter and her boyfriend came over the other evening for take-out Mexican food, and tree trimming. It warmed this mother's heart to hear her talking about the many ornaments and house decorations. "Oh, we always hang this in the hall." "These blocks always go on the stairs." Those eagle-eyed readers may see a television where there wasn't one before. Recently I rearranged the living room, and this seemed like just the spot for the tv. It had been in the kitchen for a year or so, but only two people could watch at a time, so we're using our kitchen comfy chairs strictly for reading, and we're coming into the living room to watch the dvds from Netflix.

On Tom's birthday our daughter's fella put the angel on the tree.

Korean slippers

A friend cut out the picture from our first Christmas card with both kids, and put it in a decorated half eggshell.

Who needs mistletoe?


  1. I loved seeing your tree and your special ornaments. I think I'll "copy" your idea and post a few of my faves on my blog.

    Is that winter scene on your wall a photo of your yard?

  2. I didn't get to put up a Christmas tree this year. I'm afraid we left our 25 year old tree in Chicago when we moved. We'll definitely look for one after Christmas so we'll be ready for next year. I love your beautiful tree with all the precious ornaments. I have a Korean slipper ornament, too since I've got a half Korean granddaughter. It's such a wonderful time of year.

  3. Love the eggshell idea - that's definitely one for next year. I've already put a note to start them in October in my Google calendar.

  4. Alison, that's a great idea. I've seen a few blogs with nice ornament pics. Last year I posted the ones from my kids' first Christmases. The painting is not my yard, but that's why I love it - because it looks like it. The painter is Carol Collette.
    I think you'll like her work.
    Kay, Do they sell Christmas trees in Hawaii? If so, what kind of trees are they? Do many people have 'real' trees?I can't wait for pictures when your little one comes to visit.
    S.Senex, I'm so thrilled you're going to make them. I'm not 'crafty' at all but I'm a good appreciator.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful evening with your daughter and her boyfriend. Oh, and my friend Marie has been posting ornament photos on her blog as well.

  6. Heather, I have this idea of an "ornamental" posting each day the tree is up next year; featuring one ornament and where it came from. We'll see... :<) I'll go look at Marie's.


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